George Gavaria and other Local Veterans Collections

Formal photo of SP5 George L. Gavaria, born December 14, 1944, died December 1, 1966Right on the heels of Memorial Day seems like a good time to share information about our veterans collections.

If you have ever been in the Local History Room, you have seen the central display case, which contains a portion of the George Gavaria Collection.  Lillian and Bob Gavaria, residents of Harwood Heights, donated a number of documents and physical items - including medals - related to the military service of their son, George. 

George Gavaria was the first resident of Harwood Heights to die in Vietnam, on December 1st, 1966.  He was just two weeks short of his 22nd birthday.

The Gavaria Collection consists of a lot more than what you can see on display right now.  Browse some more documents and images from this collection on our Flickr page.

The Local History Room is also home to a binder full of submissions 2009 arrangement of photos and stories of local veterans with the phrase Thank You Veterans across the topfrom locals to our Veterans Wall, compiled annually every November - you can browse our images from this collection on Facebook, too.