Google Expeditions Demo

Google Expeditions: photograph of cardboard adapter that allows a smart phone to become virtual realityJoin us along with Google Expeditions for an up close look at their augmented reality learning lessons. We will take an up close look at forces of nature, dinosaurs and the solar system.

This program does not require registration, so drop in Wednesday, December 27th anytime between 3:30 and 5:00pm to play with some pretty neat technology. Let's learn in 3D!

Please be aware: Google requires users to be ages 5 or older. Google cardboard's employed safety standards require users to be ages 7 and up.

Halloween Storytime Week!

Girl in purple witch's costume. Dress has yellow stars on bottom. Outfit has a black cloak behind herAll storytime participants are invited to wear their costumes for storytime this week-  Monday, October 23rd through Friday, October 27th.

A class photo will be taken before each class begins, so please try to be on time if you would like your child in the picture.

We look forward to seeing everyone! Happy Halloween!

Library Lock-in

Owl clipart sitting on Library logoThe winners of the Library Lock-in Lottery have been notified by phone message. Congratulations!

If you have not received a message from the Library and have turned in a completed Library Lock-in Permission Form, you are most likely on the Wait List, but all is not lost. The winners of the lottery have until Wednesday, July 12th to confirm their spot. If they do not confirm, or if they cancel, we will fill the vacancies with those on the Wait List.

For those looking for another copy of the Items to Bring Checklist, please stop by the Kids desk. We will be happy to provide another copy.

Batman at the Library

Lego batmanToday's Movie Monday will be the new Lego Batman. The movie will begin promptly at 4:00pm. This is a drop-in program- no need to register, just stop by and go up to the 2nd floor.

WIll Batman ever learn to work with others? Join us for free popcorn and find out!

Lock-In Deadline

The Library Lock-in is our annual sleepover for grades 4, 5, and 6. It is a lot of fun with games, movies, and spooky stories. The attendees for the Library Lock-in are filled by lottery drawing. Only those who completed the permission form is eligible for the lottery. The last day to turn in a completed permission form is this Friday, June 30th.

Eisenhower Election

President of the Collection Showdown Election: Nov. 1st- Nov.8thAs many of our patrons are aware, the Library serves as a polling place. While there is no Storytime on Tuesday the 8th due to the United States Election, kids are invited to share in the democractic experience.

With the Eisenhower  Primary Election behind us, the President of the Collection Candidates have been narrowed to two: Piggie and Raina. What qualities would make a good president? Time is dwindling to vote in the Showdown Election. Come in to the Library and vote!

Let's Make a Movie: Stop Motion Animation

Yesterday a group of third thru sixth graders spent the day at Eisenhower Library learning about stop motion animation and creating their own videos using Eisenhower ipads.

This is their first group project where groups worked on different scenes and then we put all the scenes together to create a complete story. This is their take on the traditional "The Three Little Pigs" and is called simply "The Three Little Dinosaurs."


After the large group project, everyone broke into smaller groups and began to create their own videos. They built their own sets, came up with their own plot lines and characters.














Star Wars Month

This December in a library very, very close... Accept the Mission: Seek out the hidden movie characters to reveal the rebel code... and of course, read science fictionAs the Star Wars movie release draws closer, we decided to have a little sci fi fun.

Our game is easy to play if you are observant. Simply pick up a mission log at the Kids Ask Me desk. Search high and low all around Kids World to find all the hidden Star Wars characters. Each character will have a letter. Put the letters together to reveal a hidden message.

All month long we will feature science fiction books on our book display. Feel free to browse and pick up a great book to read. Looking for even more space and robot adventures? All the science fiction chapter books have a planet sticker on the spine. Easy to spot in our fiction section! Ask at the desk for recommendations.

Rainy Day Fun

Messy Hands, Busy Minds with photograph of child's hand covered in pink fingerpaintIn our Messy Hands program, we had a lot of fun creating things with homemade playdough. Homemade playdough is a perfect activity when you are stuck indoors when the weather turns leaky.

The dough was made with simple ingredients, just flour (can substitute Gluten-Free flour if necessary), vegetable oil, cream of tartar, water, salt, food coloring. We recommend using various food coloring to have a lot of different colors to play with. However, each color batch will need to be prepared separately. The homemade playdough does require a bit of cooking on a stove top burner so the dough preparation should be done by (or with) an adult.

Our recipe cPhotograpgh of balls of homemade playdough.ame from the blog Domestic Superhero, and we encourage to visit there for the complete cooking instructions. Step-by-step photographs were included, which make the preparation instructions very easy to follow.

Once the dough has finished cooking (and cooled) you are ready to unleash your creativity. It is also worth noting that you can prepare the dough ahead of time and store it in a sealed plastic container until you are ready to play.

crocodile made from green homemade playdoughWhat will you make? Perhaps something with a little bite?