Healthy Twists On Junk Food Recipes!

Some times it is hard to eat healthy when all you are craving is junk food, so here are some recipes to help you stick to your nutritional goals while satisfying your cravings at the same time. Most are super easy( but ask an adult  before handling sharp kitchen tools and the stove or oven) to make and contain tips and tricks that cut sodium and fat such as: baking instead of frying, using cheese made from skim milk, using leaner cuts of meat, and incorporating veggies, whole grains and more nutritious substitutions!

The importance of catching your ZZZZ'S

Your brain and body needs enough sleep to restore and repair itself, here is some more scientific information about the importance of sleep and naps. Including the causes and risks of sleep loss and some home remedies for those nights where you just can’t fall asleep!

includes the causes of sleep problems and what happens as a result

highlights the benefits of power napping, the guidelines to follow, and evidence that supports these claims

interesting remedies include: taking a warm bath, drinking milk, soothing music, breathing exercises