Battle Scores

Battle 2 Recap

Battle 2 scores: Pennoyer-60(116 total); St Monica Blue 62(114 total); St Monica White 56(97 total); St Eugene 47(87 total); Union Ridge 39(85 total); Leigh 52 (82 total); Giles 27(60 total)Congratulations to the teams for their work during this week's Battle.

At the start of our second Battle, a total of three points were awarded for the challenges made during the first Battle. Those points are included in the scores depicted for Battle 2. Remember when a challenge is made, the answers from all teams are reassessed, not just the team that issued the challenged. All answers are then reviewed as in conjunction with the relevant passages from the book to determine whether additional points will be rewarded and to which teams.

Any additional points rewarded from the challenges made during Battle 2 will be given out at the start of Battle 3.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week!

Battle 1 Recap

Battle Scores: Pennoyer-56 ; St Monica Blue-52 ; Union Ridge-46 ; St Monica White-41 ; St Eugene-40 ; Giles-33 ; Leigh-30 Congratulations to all of our Battle teams.

After the first Battle, the teams are relatively close in score and it remains anyone's game. Remember, there are 5 battles in total that count towards the overall score.

There are a few challenges in play. The results of the challenges will be announced next week. If the challenges are proved valid, the additional points will be awarded to the deserving teams. These points will count towards the scores of Battle 2.

See everyone next week.

A Great Start!

Practice Battle Scores: Pennoyer-38, St Monica White-35, Union Ridge-35, Giles-29, st Eugene-29, Leigh-19, St Monica Blue-19We thank everyone for a great practice battle, and hope your questions have been answered regarding how this year's Battle of the Books will work. If you have any further questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Kids World. We will be happy to answer them as best we can.

The Practice Battle scores do not count towards the running total that will later determine the winning team. However, we do extend our congratulations to the "winning" team.

See everyone next week!

Battle 5: Final Scores

Battle 5 scores: Pennoyer 68 overall 318; St Monica Blue 48 overall 267; Leigh 79 overall 264; Giles Purple 69 overall 259; Giles Green 51 overall 239; St Eugene 58 overall 235; Union Ridge 59 overall 230; St Monica White 49 overall 224

Battle of the Books is over for the 2013-2014 season!  Congratulations to all the players who have participated this year.

First place goes to Pennoyer school with 318 total points.

Second place goes to St. Monica Blue team with 267 points.

Third place goes to Leigh with 264 points.

Remember points were awarded for challenges from Battle 4 to the scores of the final Battle. To see photos of the scores from the final Battle check out our Facebook page.

Don't forget that on March 19, 2014 at 4:00pm we will be having out Battle of the Books Awards Ceremony with our special guest author Eric Kahn Gale along with a pizza party for those who have participated in Battle of the Books.

Also, a special thanks to all of our great coaches and parents who make Battle of the Books possible.

Battle 4 Recap

Battle Four scores: Pennoyer 65 overall 250; St Monica Blue 53 overall 219; Giles Purple 46 overall 190; Giles Green 53 overall 188; Leigh 50 overall 185; St Eugene 42 overall 177; St Monica White 50 overall 175; Union Ridge 46 overall 171Congratulations go to all teams for their efforts in the last battle. All ties have been broken, though many of the teams remain close in score.

Important things to note from Battle 4:

1. Points were awarded to some of the challenges from Battle 3. They have been added to Battle 4's scores.

2. The first negative points were given out during Battle 4. We ask all teams to exhibit good sportsmanship. Please do not embarrass or make fun of members of your own team or those on other teams. In addition, please remember to avoid unnecessary dialogue.

3. When challenging a question, your team should call out “challenge” and then state your team name. No further comments should be made during Battle. The question and all the teams’ answers will be reviewed before next Battle. However, please be aware that next Battle is the last Battle. Therefore, no challenges can be made.

Battle 3 Recap

Battle 3 scores: Pennoyer 59 overall185; St. Monica Blue 55 overall 166; Giles Purple 48 overall 144; Giles Green 61 overall 135; Leigh 48 overall 135; St. Eugene 47 overall 135; St. Monica White 41 overall 125; Union Ridge 38 overall 125Thank you to all participants (and their families) for your patience during Battle. Additional measures are being put into place to ensure that Battle will be let out on time in the upcoming. Please assist our efforts by keeping the discussion to a minimum between Battle Questions.

Any additional points from the challenges will be awarded during the next Battle.

Congratulations to the teams for their efforts during Battle. While the top three teams have maintained their placement, the rest of the running board has changed considerably. A lot of teams are tied for placement. Everyone's efforts are really showing.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Battle 2 Overview

Battle 2 Scores: Pennoyer 53/overall total 126; St. Monica Blue 46/overall total 111; Giles Purple 42/overall total 96; St. Eugene 48/overall total 88; Leigh 30/overall total 87; Union Ridge 43/overall total 87; St. Monica White 47/overall total 84; Giles Green 36/overall total 74


Nice job Battle teams!

While Pennoyer and St Monica Blue teams have retained their first and second placement from the first Battle, Giles Purple has taken over third place. Many of the teams have used Battle 2 to narrow the gap between themselves and other teams.


Quick recap:

  • No points were awarded for challenges to Battle 1 questions. Make sure before you answer a question you listen or read it entirely. Hints are often given to help narrow your focus and may point to a specific point in the book.
  • Please remember to speak softy in your teams lest you give away your answer to another team.
  • Regarding the snack break: Snacks are only guaranteed for the Battle participants. However, audience members who have stayed in the Battle room, are welcome to any plates that might be leftover. In addition, Battle participants with specific dietary needs may see one of the Library's staff for an alternate snack choice.

Thanks for another great Battle! We look forward to seeing each team next week.

The First Battle's Scores

Congratulations to all Battle participants for their strong efforts in the first Battle.

The current standings are as follows:

Battle 1 scores: Pennoyer 73; St. Monica Blue 65; Leigh 57; Giles Purple 54; Union Ridge 44; St. Eugene 40; Giles Green 38; St. Monica White 37You can view pictures of the Battle's score boards on the Library's facebook page.

The challenges are currently being reivewed. If any points are rewarded, they will be given out the next Battle.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Practice Battle Recap

Practice Battle scores do not count towards your overall battle score. Leigh 30; St. Monica Blue 27; Giles Purple 23; Pennoyer 22; Union Ridge 20; St. Eugene 17; St. Monica White 15; Giles Green 11A big thank you to all participants who made the Practice Battle so much fun.

We hope we answered any questions you might have had about Battle of the Books. If not, please stop in and see us during your next visit. We'll be happy to clarify any concerns you might have.

Congratulations to all the teams for their solid practice scores. Unfortunately, your totals from this past week do not count for your overall Battle Score.

The challenges will be addressed before the next Battle commences.

A quick recap of important things to remember.

  • You need to be in your team square when Battle commences. Only during a break between rounds may a team member leave or enter.
  • Your coach will have a Time Out sign to use when they would like to talk to their team.
  • You may receive negative points for poor sportsmanship and/or for being loud and unruly. You may not necesarily receive a verbal warning first. You will receive a red circle warning before a point will be taken away. Be careful, because teams are often only one point apart.
  • The number of points the question is worth will indicate how many words/letters you need to use in your answer to get full credit. You can always add more words; except in the case of a multiple choice question.
  • You only get so much time to answer a question. The runner needs to be at the table before the timer goes off.
  • Please remember that a challenge should only be issued when you believe 100 percent that the Librarians are wrong.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.