Battle book

Now a Complete Book List!

The last two remaining battle books have arrived at Eisenhower Library and are ready to be checked out. (All of the schools were also delivered their copies of the books. See your Battle Coach for further details.)

The newly added books complete the list of 20 titles that Battle participants will be quized on in order to earn points for their school's team.

Ugly by Hoge is an autobiography. It tells the story of a boy coming to terms with his physical deformity. Fans of Palacio's Wonder should find this exceptionally appealling.

Fog Diver by Ross is a steam punk, science fiction, adventure story. In the furture the Earth is covered by a deadly white mist leaving only mountain peaks. In this world, Chess and his friends sail above the fog in a broken down ship, but now they are racing against time to save one of their own.

Happy Reading!

Results of the Kids' Votes

Your votes have been tallied and counted.

Thank you to everyone for submiting such great ideas. However, only one lucky book gets to be named as the Kids' Pick. The book to get the most votes is Pet War by Allan Woodrow.

Your vote for the returning titles have also been counted. The books to come back for a second round are: The Bully Book by Gale, The BFG by Dahl, Hoot by Hiaasen, and Counting by 7s by Sloan.

We are still receiving each school's submissions. We are doing our best to have the complete Battle of the Books reading list will be out in time for summer reading.


Battle Books Have Arrived

A close up of the head of the dragon on the Kids World mural: the dragon has orange scales and is laying on his stomach with his head supported by his hand under his chin. He has glasses on his snout and his other hand is turning the pages of a redbook propped on a log. Dragon is in a green meadow with a lake in the background.Get a jump start on the reading list for the 2014-2015 Battle of the Books season.

The Battle Books have all been selected save for the last two, which should be chosen soon.

Copies of the chosen Battle Books are available for checkout. They may be found on the Battle Shelf located directly under the dragon in the wall mural. The Battle Books will have yellow tape on the spine that reads BATTLE.

Copies of the Battle Book list are availble on the Battle Shelf, or it may be viewed online.

Arm yourself with as many books as possible! Will your school with the tournament this year?