School Outreach

The staff of the Eisenhower Public Library will work with any teacher who asks for assistance. However, educators at a school located in Norridge and Harwood Heights receive a few extra benefits. Collections and materials that may be of interest to local educators will be highlighted on For Teachers.

School Library Accounts

Who Qualifies?

A School Library Account may be issued for any school in our district. Currently there are School Accounts for: Union Ridge, Giles, Leigh, Pennoyer, and Norridge Park District Preschool. If your school is not listed and feel it should qualify, please contact Kids World.

Access to the School’s Library Account is granted to educators whose names are on the official approved staff list provided by each school.

What Is It Used For?

The School Library Account is used to check out materials to be used in the classroom. Anything in our collection including books, audio books, or DVDs, can be checked out on the School Account.

Why Use a Teacher Card?

A teacher card allows you to request flexible checkout periods, fine forgiveness, and the ability to have materials delivered directly to your school office.

Teacher Request

What is a Teacher Request?

A Teacher Request can be made to put things on hold, or to simply pull materials off the shelves for the teacher to look over. Teacher Requests can be made for specific items or general items (like 7 books related to the letter A sound).

How Can a Teacher Request Be Made?

Teacher Requests can be made over the phone, at the Kids Desk, or by filling out the Teacher Request Form.

How Much Notice Needs to be Given?

Some Teacher Requests may take over a week to fill. If we need to bring items in from other libraries, it may take even longer. The more advance notice the Library is given, the greater the chances are of getting the exact materials needed.

Drop Off or Pick Up

Teacher Requests can be picked up here at the library. If requested, Kids staff can drop off materials directly to your school. Items will only be dropped off or picked up on Mondays, or in cases of a holiday or closing, the first work/school day of the week.

In addition, if you notify us, Kids staff will also pick up any materials you wish to return to the library.

Project Heads Up

If you let us know what projects you are assigning, we will try to make sure we have the materials your students need. A Project Heads Up can be made over the phone, at the Kids Desk, or by filling out the Project Heads Up Form.

School Visits

If your class comes to us, we can offer a tour of the Library, a Scavenger Hunt, Storytime and Craft (Gr K-3), Readers’ Theatre (Gr 4 and up), and book checkout. If we visit your classroom, we can tailor the program to suit your needs.

Test Proctoring

The Eisenhower Public Library offers free Test Proctoring for residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights. In order to have a test proctored you must contact the Answers Desk and schedule a day and time with a Librarian. Typically, students access tests through a password-protected website, but occasionally an instructor will send a test via email or regular mail. In any case, we usually need at least a day to be certified by the school and to receive the login information or the test. Please contact the Answers Desk for more information.