Local News

Front page of Norwood Park Citizen newspaper, January 4, 1940If you're looking for local news, you probably already know you can read the Pioneer Press Norridge-Harwood Heights News at the library.  You may know we keep issues for the past year (in fact, we have reference copies of issues back to 2008).  You may even know that we subscribe to the Newsbank database that has all the text-only content for the paper that's been digitized since 2002, allowing you to do keyword searches for stories. 

But did you know the library has physical copies of Pioneer Press papers back to 1940?

Before the villages were incorporated, the regional Pioneer Press paper was called The Norwood Park Citizen.  In 1952, it was renamed The Citizen.  The library has bound copies of this newspaper from 1940 through 1985 in the local history reference collection. Complete original newspaper pages are sewn into volumes - this includes photos, ads, obituaries, classifieds.. everything.

three rows, two columns of bound volumes of newspapers mostly black spines plus a few red on white shelvesIn the mid-1980s, narrower regional papers cropped up: The Harlem-Irving Times, and two papers for the villages, Norridge News and Harwood Heights News.  Pioneer Press granted the library custodianship of numerous bound volumes of original papers for the latter two papers, which combined into Norridge and Harwood Heights News in 1991. The volumes the Library received cover 1985 through 2003, with some gaps.  We now have over 100 volumes of original local newspapers in our collection.

Currently, the library is working on cataloging and digitizing these papers so patrons can search and browse them online.  It's a massive undertaking!  Eventually, we hope to have every paper searchable by topic, subject names, and keywords, with the original pages viewable as images, as well.

In the meantime, ask at the Answers Desk to see our reference copies!