Whatever After: If the Shoe Fits by Sarah Mlynowski

Cover image of the book If the Shoe Fits featuring a young girl sitting on a chair . Two mice are placing a glass slipper on her foot.What if you had a magic mirror in your basement that transported you to your favorite fairy tales? That's exactly what happens to brother and sister Abby and Jonah in the second book of this crazy series. The mirror transports them to a fairy tale kingdom where they meet the legendary Cinderella, but things aren't going exactly according to plan. Cinderella isn't exactly the super sweet fairytale heroine the stories paint her to be and one of the stepsisters isn't as mean and nasty as she is supposed to be. They seem kinda...normal.  When the glass slipper breaks the siblings do everything they can think of to get Cinderella and the Prince their happily ever after. Will the story end the way it is supposed to? More importantly, will Abby and Jonah be able to get back home?
This is a fun read for kids grades third through fifth who enjoy reading about fairytales.
Tiffany, Kids World