Rayman Legends: Video Game Available for all Consoles

Video Game cover of Rayman Legends: red dragon's open jaws take up most of cover, inside dragon's mouth is a glowing orange resembling fire. This follow up to Rayman Origins is everything you would want in a 2D platformer and more!

There seem to be endless missons (there's a new challenge every single day if you're connected to the internet!), all favorite characters have made a return plus some new playable ones, and there are even more lums to collect.

The graphics in the game are absolutely beautiful. The different colors make it so much fun. The music is just as fantastic as the original Rayman and at the end of each world there is a rhythm based music level to complete that covers hit songs from the past (have fun figuring out the songs during gameplay!).

With so much unlockable content, cool visuals, and silly cutscenes, it's hard to get bored of playing Rayman Legends.

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