Rainy Day Fun

Messy Hands, Busy Minds with photograph of child's hand covered in pink fingerpaintIn our Messy Hands program, we had a lot of fun creating things with homemade playdough. Homemade playdough is a perfect activity when you are stuck indoors when the weather turns leaky.

The dough was made with simple ingredients, just flour (can substitute Gluten-Free flour if necessary), vegetable oil, cream of tartar, water, salt, food coloring. We recommend using various food coloring to have a lot of different colors to play with. However, each color batch will need to be prepared separately. The homemade playdough does require a bit of cooking on a stove top burner so the dough preparation should be done by (or with) an adult.

Our recipe cPhotograpgh of balls of homemade playdough.ame from the blog Domestic Superhero, and we encourage to visit there for the complete cooking instructions. Step-by-step photographs were included, which make the preparation instructions very easy to follow.

Once the dough has finished cooking (and cooled) you are ready to unleash your creativity. It is also worth noting that you can prepare the dough ahead of time and store it in a sealed plastic container until you are ready to play.

crocodile made from green homemade playdoughWhat will you make? Perhaps something with a little bite?