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In Library Help

School Books

Kids World makes every effort to have a copy of the local school's textbooks and workbooks. They are not available for check out nor can they be taken from Kids World.

Norridge and Harwood Heights cardholders may receive 10 free pages a day to copy from the school books. After that, black and white copies cost 10 cents per page.

If your child forgets their book at school, you will find the library's copy in Kids World located by the copy machine. Simply ask at the Kids desk if copies need to be made.


Databases compile authoritative articles, maps, and relevant photos. They can really cut down on a lot of research time, and you don't have to worry about whether the facts are correct. There are databases designed specifically for children. Kids as young as 2nd grade may find a database to be helpful looking for facts, and you won't have to worry what else might 'pop up' in their search. The Kids Research page will give a description of each database.

Study and Reference Books

The Study Book Collection is made up of informational books that have been selected specifically to help with school projects. To ensure that these books are available to everyone in a timely fashion, these books check out for only a one week time period.

The Reference Collection contains informational books. These books tend to contain more information than those in teh regular nonfiction collection. In order to ensure that materials are available for school projects, even for those last minute students, these books checkout for only one day. They cannot be renewed. The Reference Collection is intended for in library use.

Both the Study Book Collection and the Reference Collection cover a wide range of topics. They are located at the beginning of the Kids World Nonfiction Collection. These collections are a great place to turn to when a student is having difficulty finding materials in relation to their school project.

Workbooks and How to's

There are a lot of workbooks spaced throughout the Nonfiction Collection that are intended to help with various school subjects. We have additional math workbooks and even books to help write school papers.

Audio Books

Audio books are a helpful tool for a struggling reader. They can read along with the audio book, or just listen to a book they are perhaps not ready to read on their own. The Kids World collection of audio books come in CDs (to listen to on a computer or CD player), or Playaway devices (just need a pair of headphones.)


Pathfinders are a great way to find materials, like books or websites, you might not spot on your own. Print copies of Kids World pathfinders can be found in a binder by the Kids Magazines.

Websites to Help

Math and Science

AAA Math

Read an easy to follow instructions and practice your math online. Math principles are easily filterable by grade level.


Includes lesson plans and online games for elementary school kids. Watch out for the ads though.

Dr. Math

Examples different math principles. Cannot find the answer to your question? Simply fill out the online form, and one of the doctors will answer you.


Kid friendly explainations of different math principles.

Study Jams

Covers a variety of math and science topics by using key vocabulary words, short videos, karaoke style music screens, and online student quizzes.

Langauge Arts

Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin English

Run by one of the leading publisher's of children's textbooks, this site is for Grades 2 through 5. Includes: grammar quiz, and a step by step how to edit drafts of various types of school essaies and reports.


Reading Rockets

Tips and information to help teach kids learn how to read and how to provide help to those kids who struggle.

Digital Storytime

Lists, rates, and prices book themed aps. Use the age drop down menu to limit to your child's age.

Research on the Web


A web browser that only searches websites recommended by an elementary school teacher. It will also bring up child friendly games to play.