Movie Rescheduled

Disney's Planes: A female aircraft carrier flies in front, a male airplane with a propeller flies behind here. Words "Come Fly With Me" are at the top, "From above the world of Cars" is at the bottom

Due to the severe weather, the Library closed early, Monday, January 6th, which meant we were unable to run the scheduled program, "Movie Monday: Planes."

Good news! The flight has been rescheduled! The planes are set to take off in the month of February!

"Movie Monday: Planes" will be held on Monday, February 10th at 6:00pm.

All patrons who were registered for its original date are still registered. However, there are still openings for those wishing to watch as Dusty, a cropduster, tries to tackle his fear of heights in order to become a champion racer. Patrons may register online or by contacting the Kids Desk.