Little Kids' First Big Book of the World by Elizabeth Carney

Little Kids First Big Book of the World book cover: photographs of planet eart, a tiger, egyptian pyramid, statue of liberty, tree frog, elephant, castle“Pop-up facts offer tidbits of really cool information. Use these to impress your friends and family with your geo knowledge.”

National Geographic Kids’ books are some of my favorite non-fiction books to share with young readers because of their stunning photographs of the natural world. This book covers all seven continents in 120 pages. The simple text is somewhat spotty and jumpy but I think curious kid readers will be taken in by the engaging spreads of maps, photos, “fact boxes” and “pop-up facts”.

I recommend this book for early-ish readers who might be interested in reading maps and facts. It would make a great browsing book for a car ride or waiting room. What a great offering for curious kids!

Mary Jo, Kids World

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