Head Lice by Elise Gravel

Head Lice book cover featuring a cartoon bug with a speech bubble saying "Hey There!"“They lived happily ever after and had many, many, waaaay too many children.”

Early readers will giggle their way through this quick read, a hybrid fact and humor title. Lice and their sinister ways are remarkably made cute here through the digital artwork and the clever speech bubbles and text.

Some of the nonsense bits might confuse very young readers (such as one louse with a skateboard and another one gluing model airplanes) but the book covers louse vocabulary and basic facts. Did you know that lice cannot fly but jump onto new victims’ hair from other people’s hair, hats or clothing? (Yuck!) I recommend this book for kids who are fascinated with insects and, especially, for families that have endured a louse invasion and want to try to laugh about it later.

Find Head Lice and the rest of the "Disgusting Critters" series in the Library.

Mary Jo, Kids World