The Glorkian Warrior Eats Adventure Pie By James Kochalka

Glorkian Warrior book cover: alien riding what looks like a giant worm-fish“Oh my!” “Oh PIE!”

On a routine mission to protect pie from a space snake, things go horribly wrong. Now the Glorkian Warrior and their Super (Talking) Backpack are on a silly adventure to fix everything, the only problem is Glorkian Warrior’s rival Buster Glark seems to keep getting in the way. Joined by Gonk and the Baby Alien, is it even remotely possible for this team of misfits to get things under control when they’re so full of random ideas and nonsense?

This graphic novel is completely full of silliness and fun. With an entertaining color palette and complimentary art style, overall it’s a casual but delightful read. The jokes are pretty off the wall, but that’s what makes it a refreshing take from most other comic series. The Glorkian Warrior series is for all ages, but grades 1-4 will find it especially entertaining.

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Naomi, Kids World