Girl Meets Ghost by Lauren Barnholdt

Image of the book cover Girl Meets Ghost featuring two girls on a white background with pink and white lettering.Kendall Williams loves accessories, peppermint coffee and staying up late to text her best friend Ellie. She tries to focus on schoolwork but Brandon Dunham, her ultimate crush, and Daniella, a ghost begging for her help, prove very distracting. Will Kendall be able to help Daniella move on? Or will Daniella keep appearing at the worst times and ruin Kendall’s friendships with Ellie and Brandon? Read Girl Meets Ghost to find out.
Lauren Barnholdt’s characters are strong, smart and at times supernatural. In Girl Meets Ghost, Kendall, like many young adults, struggles with bad hair days, the awkwardness of a parent that starts dating and of course, math class. This book is recommended for readers that enjoy funny stories with female main characters. Girl Meets Ghost is a chapter book and well-suited for middle grade readers from ages 9-14. 
The sequel, The Harder the Fall, was released on September 3rd, 2013.
Jade, Kids World