Descendants by Disney

Descendants disney movie cover: girl in purple leather and purple hair stands center holding a green ball of fire, sitting down in front of her is a girl with blue hair wearing a blue dress, a boy with white hair wearing a red, black, and white outfit, and a boy with long brown hair in a red hat with a red leather vest in blue jeans"I can't decide what's wrong, what's right." - Mal

In this Disney channel original movie, four teenagers face an identity crisis and they do so in true Disney style- in song, dance, and elaborate costumes.

Auradon (think all of Disney's lands ever created) is peaceful- and relatively unmagical. All the villains have been rounded up and locked away on an island with a magical barrier for the last 20 years. The Beast's teenage son is about to take the throne and decides for his first act that the children on that island be allowed to attend boarding school along with the children of the Disney's heroes/heroines.

Enter Mal (Maleficent's daughter), Evie (Snow White Evil Queen's daughter), Carlos (Cruella's son), and Jay (Jafar's son). Leaving the island means going to high school with the "enemy." Obviously, their attendance is all part of their parents' master evil plan, and they come armed with Maleficent's spell book and the Evil Queen's magic mirror. However, the young prince and the headmistress fairy godmother (yep- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo) have other plans.

Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay face open animosity, high school drama, and a very boring "Remedial Goodness" class. Can a evil villain get a "happily ever after?"

The fun in this movie relies on not taking it too seriously. To be sure, the movie doesn't- cue Maleficent's tap/shuffle dance "Don't you want to be evil like me?" The movie will prove to be more enjoyable for those with a large Disney movie background. However, the tale of discoverying yourself is one that is easily related to. Fans of the Disney movies or the High School Musical  series will enjoy this comedic fairytale twist.

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