Demeter and Persephone retold by Hugh Lupton

Demeter and Persephone book cover: blue cover, girl with a white dress held around the waist by a man in a red tunic who is driving his chariot through a hole in the groundHow could six pomegranate seeds be the cause of our cold, dark winters?

This is a tale of three powerful rulers, each with their own world. Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, is gathering flowers when she is captured by Hades, King of the Underworld. Will Zeus help Demeter or even allow Persephone to return? Can Demeter rescue her daughter from the misery of becoming a shadowed queen? And what about those seeds? Read Demeter and Persephone to find out.

This hardcover chapter book is 33 pages in length with many full-page, color illustrations. It also includes a family tree for the Greek Gods, pronunciation guide and map of Ancient Greece. Recommended for 3rd-5th grade readers, especially those who enjoy learning about mythology. 

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