The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Boundless book cover; night scene, see the lights from shadowed train lit. White figures of a boy and girl leaping from the top of one train car to another. "Climb aboard the Boundless, the most magnificent train ever built. Magic and danger loom around every bend."

Set against the backdrop of the wild Canadian wilderness, this is a tale of mystery and intrigue, with a dose of fantasy added in for good measure. Will Everett is a first-class passenger on the Boundless, the longest and largest train ever built, carrying passengers from one end of Canada to the other. On it's maiden trip, Will finds himself in possession of a special key that unlocks that unlocks a train car full of priceless treasures. Unfortunately for Will, other people want that key and are willing to do anything to get it--even murder. With his life in danger, Will must rely on the traveling circus, including their mysterious ringleader, to help him survive. Did I mention there are Sasquatch in this story?

An edge of your seat, fast-paced adventure that you will not want to put down!

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