Battle of the Books Blog

Weclome St. Monica's!

Speech bubble: Glad to have you!St Monica's joins the local schools participating in Battle of the Books.

All teams will converge on Eisenhower Library starting February 5th.

We look forward to seeing all the participants.

Busy reading!

Battle of the Books Nook

Multi Media books display: a black and white nook, a nook color, and a playaway view deviceNot sure which Battle book to read? Make it simpler. Why not checkout all of the books at once?

The Battle of the Books e-reader is available for checkout. Any battle book with an e-book available has been downloaded to the device. All you have to do is select a book to read.

The Eisenhower Nooks are available to be checked out for 3 weeks to residents of Harwood Heights and Norridge.

The process is this: All Nooks have a laminated white card listing every book that has been downloaded to the device. If the Nook is available for checkout, its card will located on the counter by the Kids Magazines. Take the card of the Nook you wish to checkout up to Library Services (the Big Desk). They will swap out the card for the Nook device at the checkout counter.

If you do not see the laminated card of a particular Nook, it is because the Nook is currently checked out. The Library Staff can place a hold a the Nook device for you at the Kids Desk.

Find the Battle of the Books Nook in the Library.

New Battle Pages

A Battle participant asked if the "Hall of Past Battles" that was on the old Battle blog can be added to the new Battle webpages.

The answer: Of course!

The Hall of Past Battles can now be found under the Battle of the Books side bar heading.

See how your school's teams have done in previous years. Can your team beat your school's highest score?

If anyone has any other suggestions or requests, feel free to let an Eisenhower Librarian know or talk to your Battle Coach. We'd love to hear your ideas!

The Grimm Ending

Book cover for The Grimm Clonclusion. In a red backdrop, black images of a mountainside castle, two trees, and birds flying stand in relief. Images of a girl and boy are cut out of the black mountain and is centered on the bottomFor those who have read A Tale Dark and Grimm during last year's Battle season, and those who are enjoying its sequel, In a Glass Grimmly, as part of this year's Battle season, rejoice (or be sad). The third and final book in the series is now on the Library shelves and is available for holds to be placed.

In The Grimm Conclusion by Adam Gidwitz, Sister and brother, Jorinda and Joringel, fight to keep their promise to stay together as they travel through all new darkly gruesome Grimm fairy tales.

Find The Grimm Conclusion in the Library.

Find In a Glass Grimmly in the Library.

Find A Tale Dark & Grimm in the Library.


Battle Schedule

The Battle Schedule for upcoming season has been finalized.

The dates are:

  • Wednesday, February 5th, 4:00pm - Practice Battle
  • Wednesday, February 12th, 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, February 19th, 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, February 26th, 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, March 5th, 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, March 12th, 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, March 19th, 4:00pm - Award Ceremony

Gene Ha Returns!

Eisenhower's Comic Con Logos: Boy with flame colored hair, black cape, green, yellow, and gray outfit stands slightly behind girl with long blue hair wearing a pink skirt outfit and white gloves and bootsGene Ha, last year's Battle Awards guest speaker, will be back at Eisenhower Public Library for the Mini-Comic Con this Saturday, September 7th.

He will be giving away free sketches to kids, so be sure to drop by his table between 12:30 - 3:30 pm.

Eisenhower's first Mini-Comic Con will host other artists and comic book venders, too. There will also be a costume contest, so if you wish to participate, be sure to dress to impress! Don't want to go with a superhero or villain? Disney characters, Star Wars, Pokemon, cartoon and even video game characters are also an option. The possibilities are endless!

There is no registration for the Comic Con, so just head to the Library on Saturday afternoon.

As you head back to school

Don't forget to ask your teacher about how to join your school's Battle of the Books team.

Give yourself enough time to read as many of the books as possible. You don't have to wait until your team's first meeting to start reading the battle books. Remember, the more you read, the less you need to rely on others to earn those points for the Battle questions. Every point can make a big difference in your team's rankings.

We look forward to seeing you in the library!

2013-2014 Battle Books Have Been Chosen

The 2013-2014 Battle of the Books book list has been finalized! Updated lists and rules will soon be posted on the Battle webpage.

For now, you can get a head start on reading the Battle Books by popping into the Library. The Battle books are now on the Battle Shelf under the dragon mural. Simply look for books with yellow tape on the spine that reads, "Battle."

Happy Reading!

New Battle Books?

It is time to decide what book will be the Kids Choice for the 2013-2014 Battle of the Books season.

Do you think you know a book you'd like to read as part of Battle?

Talk to your school's Battle Coach or one of your Eisenhower Librarians about the book you would choose.

Thank you!

Gene Ha with Donated ArtThank you to all of our Battle Participants and Battle Coaches for a great battle season.

We would  like to extend our greatest appreciation to Gene Ha for coming to the library to speak to and draw our Battle participants.

We would also like to thank him for donating a piece of his work to the Eisenhower Public Library District.

His rendition of the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy from The Guardians of Childhood series by William Joyce is beautifully done.

The donated piece will be one of the pieces on display for "Eisenhower's 40 Unique Items" beginning on Friday April 19th. This display is part of our year long celebration of Eisenhower's 40th Anniversary. We encourage everyone to stop and pick up a brochure so you can spot all of the great things that make Eisenhower unique.