Practice Battle Recap

Practice Battle scores do not count towards your overall battle score. Leigh 30; St. Monica Blue 27; Giles Purple 23; Pennoyer 22; Union Ridge 20; St. Eugene 17; St. Monica White 15; Giles Green 11A big thank you to all participants who made the Practice Battle so much fun.

We hope we answered any questions you might have had about Battle of the Books. If not, please stop in and see us during your next visit. We'll be happy to clarify any concerns you might have.

Congratulations to all the teams for their solid practice scores. Unfortunately, your totals from this past week do not count for your overall Battle Score.

The challenges will be addressed before the next Battle commences.

A quick recap of important things to remember.

  • You need to be in your team square when Battle commences. Only during a break between rounds may a team member leave or enter.
  • Your coach will have a Time Out sign to use when they would like to talk to their team.
  • You may receive negative points for poor sportsmanship and/or for being loud and unruly. You may not necesarily receive a verbal warning first. You will receive a red circle warning before a point will be taken away. Be careful, because teams are often only one point apart.
  • The number of points the question is worth will indicate how many words/letters you need to use in your answer to get full credit. You can always add more words; except in the case of a multiple choice question.
  • You only get so much time to answer a question. The runner needs to be at the table before the timer goes off.
  • Please remember that a challenge should only be issued when you believe 100 percent that the Librarians are wrong.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.