Gene Ha Returns!

Eisenhower's Comic Con Logos: Boy with flame colored hair, black cape, green, yellow, and gray outfit stands slightly behind girl with long blue hair wearing a pink skirt outfit and white gloves and bootsGene Ha, last year's Battle Awards guest speaker, will be back at Eisenhower Public Library for the Mini-Comic Con this Saturday, September 7th.

He will be giving away free sketches to kids, so be sure to drop by his table between 12:30 - 3:30 pm.

Eisenhower's first Mini-Comic Con will host other artists and comic book venders, too. There will also be a costume contest, so if you wish to participate, be sure to dress to impress! Don't want to go with a superhero or villain? Disney characters, Star Wars, Pokemon, cartoon and even video game characters are also an option. The possibilities are endless!

There is no registration for the Comic Con, so just head to the Library on Saturday afternoon.