Battle Rehearsal

A stack of three thick books with a sword sticking out of the twop of the stack; Reminiscent of "The Sword in the Stone."Ready or not, Battle begins today!

For the unprepared, rest assured. Today's Practice Battle's points do not count towards your official Battle Score. Practice Battle is basically a dress rehearsal. It gives everyone a chance to see how Battle is run and what behavior is expected of each participant. However, that's not to say there the winner of Practice Battle won't get to brag about it for a week.

Battle will begin promptly at 4pm.

10 to 15 minutes before Battle begins, the room will be opened. Please take the elevator up to the 2nd floor's big meeting room. Each team will have a square taped out on the floor. Participants, please sit in the square that has your school's team name in it.

Spectators are welcome to sit in the audience chairs. Please keep an eye out of the chairs marked "RESERVED." They are for the Battle Coaches.

We look forward to seeing everyone on this snowy day!