Battle Books Have Arrived

A close up of the head of the dragon on the Kids World mural: the dragon has orange scales and is laying on his stomach with his head supported by his hand under his chin. He has glasses on his snout and his other hand is turning the pages of a redbook propped on a log. Dragon is in a green meadow with a lake in the background.Get a jump start on the reading list for the 2014-2015 Battle of the Books season.

The Battle Books have all been selected save for the last two, which should be chosen soon.

Copies of the chosen Battle Books are available for checkout. They may be found on the Battle Shelf located directly under the dragon in the wall mural. The Battle Books will have yellow tape on the spine that reads BATTLE.

Copies of the Battle Book list are availble on the Battle Shelf, or it may be viewed online.

Arm yourself with as many books as possible! Will your school with the tournament this year?