Battle 2 Overview

Battle 2 Scores: Pennoyer 53/overall total 126; St. Monica Blue 46/overall total 111; Giles Purple 42/overall total 96; St. Eugene 48/overall total 88; Leigh 30/overall total 87; Union Ridge 43/overall total 87; St. Monica White 47/overall total 84; Giles Green 36/overall total 74


Nice job Battle teams!

While Pennoyer and St Monica Blue teams have retained their first and second placement from the first Battle, Giles Purple has taken over third place. Many of the teams have used Battle 2 to narrow the gap between themselves and other teams.


Quick recap:

  • No points were awarded for challenges to Battle 1 questions. Make sure before you answer a question you listen or read it entirely. Hints are often given to help narrow your focus and may point to a specific point in the book.
  • Please remember to speak softy in your teams lest you give away your answer to another team.
  • Regarding the snack break: Snacks are only guaranteed for the Battle participants. However, audience members who have stayed in the Battle room, are welcome to any plates that might be leftover. In addition, Battle participants with specific dietary needs may see one of the Library's staff for an alternate snack choice.

Thanks for another great Battle! We look forward to seeing each team next week.