Winter Eating to Keep Warm

Wow. The first snow of the year hit tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a great day to make a pot of piping hot chili. I usually just mix up whatever's in the fridge, but if you're a recipe-kind-of-person, a great place to start is Elizabeth Young's Chilli Cookbook, featuring 150 hot-and-spicy recipes and bunch of beautiful photos. Next, you might take a look at 240 Best-Ever Chilli Recipes featuring (you guessed it) 240 recipes for warm delicousness. If you still need more options, try Jane Stern's Chili Nation, a spicy roadtrip featuring recipes from all 50 states. If you can't get the kids to help in the kitchen, keep their attention occupied with The World's Greatest Underachiever and the Killer Chilli, the sixth installment of Henry Winkler's best selling Hank Zipzer children's book series. Yes, that Henry Winkler. You know ... The Fonz.

Once your chili's ready, you might want to bump up the heat with a little hot sauce. The Spilled Milk Podcast has a great taste-test episode with hosts Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton risking their tastebuds to tell you which hot sauces are the best. Molly also discusses making a Rick Bayless hot sauce recipe from scratch on her (James Beard Award-winning) food blog, Orangette.

While we're on the subject... Molly Wizenberg will be visiting Eisenhower this February to chat about her NY Times Best Selling books, Delancey and A Homemade Life. You can register for the discussion, and other winter programs, starting on Monday, December 7th.

-Chris, Marketing