OK Go: The One Moment

Musicians and video artists OK Go are back today with another ultra-complicated, high concept, music video. This time they took the basic theme of their song “The One Moment” and really blew it up (figuratively and literally). The entire video was filmed, as the title suggests, in one moment. Using complicated math and computer controlled cameras, the few seconds of film were slowed down to sync up perfectly with the four minutes of music. It’s another astounding feat in a series of astounding feats from OK Go.

The whole video was made in partnership with Morton Salt, who are launching a new campaign, Walk Her Walk, which encourages all of us to use our talents to make a positive impact on the world. The first step in the campaign is the support by Morton Salt of five difference-making organizations: ProjectArt, which is working to offer free art classes throughout the country’s public libraries, Thirst Project, empowering students to bring solutions to the global water crisis, GirlForward, serving adolescent refugee girls through mentoring, educational programs, and leadership, Music Unites, transforming inner-city landscapes by empowering urban youth through music, and The HAPPY Organization, improving health and wellness of children and families through advocacy about nutrition and lifestyle.

“The One Moment” comes from OK Go’s album Hungry Ghosts which is available on CD in the library catalog.