October Recommendations

In the mood to watch something dark? Check out a scary movie that you might have missed.

The Descent - A group of women friends go on a caving expedition and encounter some unexpected inhabitants. Be prepared for some genuinely startling moments in this underground adventure tale gone awry. 

Warm Bodies - For the zombie aficionado that also enjoys a good romance movie, Warm Bodies blends horror and comedy into a witty modern take on the undead apocalypse. 
Battle Royale - This brutal take on the concept of a televised cage match between teenagers was surely an inspiration for The (much tamer) Hunger Games. In Japanese with subtitles.
The Babadook - This Australian film centers on a struggling single mom and her troubled son. Horror is mixed with grief and childhood fears in an emotional and unique tale. 
You're Next - A home invasion thriller with a twist, You're Next includes some dark laughs alongside its terrifying moments.
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