From Hell

While certainly better known for the superhero masterpiece Watchmen, for my money, Alan Moore's best and most satisfying work might be From Hell, the obsessively-researched recounting of the Jack the Ripper murders. Of course, no one knows who the killer really was, but by combining together all the theories into one massive conspiracy involving the British royal family, the Freemasons, the Elephant Man, writer Oscar Wilde, and even occult magician Aleister Crowley, Moore makes a compelling (though almost certainly wrong) case for who Jack might have been.

From Hell is a dense, dark read, with beautifully grisly, scratchy, black and white artwork by Eddie Campbell that evokes the common horror of Victorian life. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is Halloween-time afterall.

From Hell is available in the library and as a digital comic on Hoopla Digital.

-Chris, Marketing