May 18, 2017 Grounds Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee May 18, 2017
Trustee Sticha, committee chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Present: Sticha, Braun, Magnelli, Ross.
Absent: Rothbart.
Also Present: Wittmann, Bacarella, Magnuson, Haertel, McPhillips (7:27 P.M.), Stam (7:27 P.M.), Tomzik (7:31 P.M.), Clark (7:31 P.M.). 
Building and Grounds
Landscape Design- Anne Roberts Gardens Concept Plan—
Anne Roberts would like the committee to go over concepts at this point. She does not want the committee to get caught up in specific planting.
Anne Roberts recommended a Native pollinator garden. The committee like that. She also recommends incorporating an edible instruction garden, like herbs etc. Signs can be placed by the herbs and plants to indicate what they are. Trustee Braun likes the idea of an herb garden. Trustee Sticha likes the idea of having tall birch trees planted by the front entrance on the north side of the library. Trustee Sticha likes the different kinds of plants she is proposing. Trustee Magnuson likes the Winterberry shrub. Anne Roberts is proposing that the round planter by the front entrance of the library be reserved for planting by the Garden Club and to plant annuals for the different seasons. Trustee Magnelli would like Anne Roberts to focus on the south and west sides of the library and he would like to see a quick sketch of those areas. Trustee Sticha does not like the Espalier with low hedge. Trustee Sticha would like a sedge mat for the parking lot green space. Trustee Ross would like to look into getting a sundial.  
Other Business
Director Wittmann advised that we were going to look into getting new water fountains with filters that would allow you to fill water bottles. This was requested by Trustee Sticha. Director Wittmann recommends a water fountain that has a filtration system. 
Trustee Braun moved, seconded by Trustee Ross, THAT THE MEETING BE ADJOURNED. A voice vote was taken and the motion carried.
The Committee Meeting was adjourned at 7:31 P.M.