One Book, One Community

Alex Ross WOTW ArtworkAs our One Book, One Community program comes to a close, you're not going to want to miss the grand finale, a re-enactment of the infamous 1938 Orson Wells radio play of The War of the Worlds that sent the country into a panic 75 years ago. On Wednesday, October 30th, the SAG-AFTRA Senior Radio Players will peform the original script along with musical accompaniment and live sound effects. Just like old time radio. To register for this unique event, call 708-867-2299 or sign up online.

Leading up to the performance we've invited A. Brad Schwartz, the writer of PBS's upcoming War of the Worlds episode of the American Expeience, to present an advance screening of the documentary on Sunday, October 27th, before it airs on WTTW. And for the kids, a family friendly presentation of the movie Spaced Invaders on Monday, October 28th.

If you haven't picked up your free copy of H.G. Wells book courtesy of the library, ask for one at the Answers Desk. We might just have a few left. Hope to see you during the week.