What to Read after Watching Logan

After ten movies featuring the gruff but lovable Wolverine, it seems like they’ve finally gotten the character right with the new movie Logan, which opened this weekend.

In the near future, Mutant-kind has been almost totally wiped out. A world-weary Logan has lost all hope. All the X-Men are long dead, he’s struggling to care for an aged, dementia-stricken Professor Xavier, and various groups are trying to track him down. Some need help from the one-time superhero, others have less savory reasons. Into this disastrous life enters Laura a new Mutant with claws, healing powers, and anger issues eerily similar to Logan’s. Against his best judgement, Logan agrees to help her get to Eden, the Canadian mutant sanctuary that may not even exist.

Logan is a grown-up superhero movie with all the violence and language to prove it. It’s a heavy movie, but it’s also an uplifting one that reminds us that it’s never too late to make up for past mistakes.

If you’re looking for more Logan action, here’s a few graphic novels that seem to have inspired the movie:

Old Man Logan by Mark Millar
In a future world savaged and sundered by super villains, the United States ain’t what it used to be. In California, now a wasteland controlled by an evil gang, the former Wolverine seeks to live in peace. He’s retired, finally free from the violence of his former existence as an X-Man, and he wants to keep it that way. If only they’d let him. Can Old Man Logan maintain his pacifist vow, and make his last stand without doing what he does best?
Complete Collection

X-Men: Mutant Massacre by Chris Claremont
The Morlocks: a community of mutant outcasts living beneath the streets of Manhattan. The Marauders: professional mutant assassins, employed by a mysterious evil to wipe the Morlocks out. In between the two stands some of Marvel’s most heroic: X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, Power Pack, Daredevil and event the Mighty Thor.
Complete Collection

X-23 by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, Jay Faerber, and Marjorie Liu
Laura Kinney never knew a life free from her harsh captors. But now she has broken loose at last, and must forge her own path in the world. Free of her chains and determined to live, Laura will write the next chapter of her story herself. But can X-23 escape her training and her instincts, or will the gallons of blood spilled in her violent past drag her down?
Volume One | Volume Two

Battle 4 Recap

Battle Scores: Union Ridge-88/280; Giles-85/276; St Eugene-84/261; St Monica White-86/257; Pennoyer-84/237; St Monica Blue-64/231; Leigh-56/214The leaderboard remains very tight. Congratulations to the teams for a fine battle.

Remember, warnings are given for not only how you behave to other teams, but how you behave to your teammates. Name calling and blame dispersal is not conducive to focused battle team. If you get a question wrong, just refocus on the next one.

There were many challenges issued to various questions. These challenges will be evaluated over the coming week. If any additional points are awarded, they will be handed out before Battle 5 commences and included as part of Battle 5's score.

We look forward to seeing every next week for the final Battle of the 2016-2017 Battle season. Good luck!

Remember Your Purchase Forms!

Ami Polonsky author photo with her two book covers: Gracefully Grayson and ThreadsWednesday is the last day to pre-order one of Amy Polonsky's books for the Battle Award Ceremony. Please turn in a check made out to Eisenhower Public Library District along with your Purchase Form to one of the Library staff before Battle commences or during the break between Round 1 and Round 2.

Additional Purchase Forms will be available by the door to the meeting room.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel

ABC Yoga book cover: a child sitting outside on a mat placed upon grass with a butterfly and owl looking on“M - Moon. Crescent moon in the sky, Bend like me --- Watch clouds float by.”

A colorful ABC board book that doubles as a yoga primer. Each page offers an animal pose with a simple rhyme, inviting little ones to make the shape and be the animal. The poses are simple and convey the intuitive nature of yoga. Back material recaps the origin of each pose used here and explains “What is yoga?” for a young audience and their co-yogis.

This book is recommended for fairly limber caregivers who are stuck indoors with children age 8 and under. Offer the kiddos a new way to be active, entertained and possibly a bit more self-regulating.

Find ABC Yoga in the Library

Mary Jo, Kids World

Game Over, Man!

In the early 2000s, Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival in Champaign was an event I really looked forward to. Each year, over the course of a long weekend, I’d see a bunch of incredible movies, perfectly projected, in a beautiful theater.

I have memories that I’ll never forget from each year I attended. Ignoring the discomfort of my cramped balcony seat during a 70 mm screening of Lawrence of Arabia. Feeling sympathy for HAL, begging Dave to spare his life in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Being inspired by Mark Borchardt in American Movie to work harder and be more creative. Standing at a urinal next to Kris Kristofferson.

One of my greatest memories is seeing Bill Paxton at the festival to discuss his performance in A Simple Plan. An audience member asked a question about his role in Aliens and Paxton’s eyes lit up. Without prompting, he stood up from his seat and shouted his iconic line, “Game over man. Game over.” The room erupted in applause. This audience of erudite film fans, at the festival to see heady art films like 3 Women, foreign films like King of Masks, and silent classics like Noseratu, loved mainstream, sci-fi action movies, too. Bill Paxton knew it, and took the opportunity to give everyone what they wanted. It was exciting, sweet and, somehow moving.

Life got in the way and I haven’t been back to Ebertfest since 2004, but when I heard Bill Paxton died today, the first thing I did was check to see if I could get passes for this year’s festival. I hope I can make it. In the meantime, I’m just going to watch some of my favorite movies.

Edge of Tomorrow
An inexperienced soldier relives a single day repeatedly, dying violently each time, as he slowly learns how to defeat the alien creatures that have invaded Earth.
DVD | Blu-Ray

A Simple Plan
In the snowy Minnesota woods three men come across a downed plane with a rotting corpse inside & over $4 million stuffed inside a duffel bag.

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton play scientists pursuing the most destructive weather front to sweep through mid-America’s Tornado Alley in 50 years.
DVD | Blu-Ray

Apollo 13
Stranded in a crippled spacecraft 205,000 miles from Earth, astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert fight a desperate battle to survive. Meanwhile, at Mission Control, astronaut Ken Mattingly, flight director Gene Kranz and the efforts of a heroic ground crew race against time – and the odds – to bring the men home.
DVD | Blu-Ray

U.S. Marshall Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday team up to bring law to the lawless in a showdown with ruthless outlaws at the O.K. Corrall.
DVD | Blu-Ray

Near Dark
A naive young country boy who is lured into a secret clan of savage vampires who prowl the night seeking victims.
DVD | Blu-Ray

After escaping an encounter with aliens, the only survivor is asked to return to the scene as an advisor for a group of disbelieving Marines.
DVD | Blu-Ray

Weird Science
Teen life is full of mysteries and problems, so a socially challenged, nerdy computer whiz and his best friend set out to create the perfect woman with their computer.
DVD | Blu-Ray

Two people from different worlds meet and fall in love on the brief, tragic maiden voyage of the grand ocean liner.
DVD | Blu-Ray

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Monday, April 10, 7:00 - 8:30 pm.

This month’s Adult Book Discussion book will be The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo. 

With detailed guidance for determining which items in your house “spark joy” (and which don’t), this international bestseller featuring Tokyo’s newest lifestyle phenomenon will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home—and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.

Copies of the book will be available at the Library Services Desk approximately a month before our discussion.

Book | Large Print | Audiobook CD | Audiobook Playaway

Battle 3 Recap

Battel Scores: Union Rdige- 72/192; Giles 74/191; St Eugene 62/177; St Monica WHite 57/171; St Monica Blue 69/167; Leigh 56/158 ; Pennoyer 76/153Congratulations goes to all the Battle participants for their effort on Wednesday.

Just a few reminders, Battle begins promptly at 4:00pm. If you intend to play in Round 1, make sure you are sitting in your team's square at that time.

Next week is the last week to purchase books before the Awards Ceremony. Turn in your Pre-order Purchase form and a check before Battle 4 begins or during the break.

See everyone next week!

Seed Exchange

For over 12,000 years, humans have been farming.

Today we have access to thousands of varieties of useful, life sustaining plants that exist only because farmers and gardeners have grown them, saved the seeds, and grown them again. Our favorite fruits and vegetables are the result of a long chain of seed savers. But that chain may be breaking. Over the last hundred years, advances in commercial farming, hybridization, and the corporate patenting of vegetable strains has resulted in a loss of plant diversity. Thousands of years of horticultural knowledge is disappearing. By growing your own plants and saving the seeds for next year's planting, you are helping to mitigate our dependence on agricultural businesses, keeping old strains that are not commercially available alive, developing seed stock that is well suited to our environment, and keeping alive the heritage of plant knowledge that might be critical for future generations.

At Eisenhower, we're adding a link to the chain with our Seed Exchange project. Participating is simple. If you need seeds, we have a few heirloom and commercial varieties available to you free of charge. In exchange, we ask that you plant the seeds and document their growth. After the harvest, save the seeds and return a portion of the seeds for another gardener to plant next season. If you already have saved seeds, we're happy to take donations. The more seeds we have in our collection, the more community members can experience the joy of growing their own food.

Through this Seed Exchange project, we hope to foster a sense of community, self-reliance, and a culture of sharing. For more info, ask at the Answers Desk or call 708-867-2299.

Battle 2 Recap

Battle 2 scores: Union Ridge 62/120; Giles 63/117; St Eugene 64/115; st Monica White 62/114; Leigh 53/102;  St Monica Blue 42/98; Pennoyer 42/77Congratulations for a fine second battle.

Please note the scores posted here, do NOT reflect any potential points that may be awarded if any of the challenges issued is proved valid. The challenges will be evaluated over the course of the week. If additional points are awarded, those points will be given out before Battle 3 Round 1 commences and added to that week's scores.

Remember, if you intend to purchase a copy of one of the Guest Speaker's books, please present a payment check with the Purchase Order form before Battle 3 or 4 commences or during one of the breaks.  March 1st (Battle 4) is the deadline for all pre-orders.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Leave Me Alone! By Vera Brosgol

Leave Me AloneShe packed up her things in a big sack, and as she left she shouted back…LEAVE ME ALONE.

With her huge family in the way, their Grandmother can’t get one bit of knitting done before winter comes. So after making her bed, sweeping the floor, and packing her things, she sets out on a quest to be left alone to finish her work. Apparently this task is easier said than done, because each new group of distractions is more annoying than the last!

Young kids with their parents will enjoy yelling ‘Leave Me Alone’ together as they read the story aloud. Short and sweet but full of fun, I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Find Leave Me Alone! in the Library

Naomi, Kids World