Slide by Jill Hathaway

I thought that this book was extremely good. The book had a lot of mystery, romance, and drama. You can relate to her guy drama between her guy bestie Rollin and her love Zane. You felt like you could be in the book at many points of the story. Throughout the book, you tried to guess who was doing what and hoped that it wasn't the person that you thought it was.

If there was a sequel, I would definitely read it because I want to know what else happens.

I thought that her sliding into other people’s bodies was a good and a bad thing. The characters connect with the reader and the other characters well. You get to know who they are and how they connect at the end well. I’m glad I read the book. If you like mysteries, I would definitely recommend it.

Speechless by Hannah Harrington

Synopsis: Chelsea is one of the most popular girls in school; she has everything a girl could want. This is all thanks to her best friend Kristen. But Chelsea has one fatal flaw: She can’t keep a secret. So when she sets a spark off that almost kills a fellow student, she takes a vow of silence. During that vow her “friends” begin to turn on her and she is suddenly the odd girl out. With no friends and no voice, Chelsea begins to see things in a different light.

Change in Books

There has been a change in one of the battle books. Because the next printing of the book, Countdown, has been pushed back to December, it has been decided to substitute that book for another. The new Battle Book is Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes.

July 2012 Red Feather Reads

The Claimed book coverEven though there has been a drought that has hit most of the country I can safely say that there is no lack of excellent romance titles to quench your thirst.  Read on for the good the bad and the ugly.

The Claimed  by Caridad Pineiro
Interesting twist on vampires—they feed on dark & light energy. Intimacy on the 1-10 scale was maybe a 2. Book was all about bonding. But, it’s book 2 in the series. Surprisingly well written. Wallbanger at the end—spoiler alert………………… No closure because they’re continuing the series.

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady  by Sabrina Jeffries
Reader finished two of them in the series and loved both books. Grandma’s edict: marry or else. Loved the VERY strong no-nonsense character. It is always a pleasure to go back in time with this author.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast  by Eloisa James
Beauty is exiled to marry the “Beast” who refuses to marry. But he keeps her around so that his divorced (the scandal!) parents can develop their romance again. In the process of teaching Beauty to swim, they develop romantic feelings for each other (OK, they have relations). Hero and heroine have great verbal exchanges. They fall in love gradually, which makes the story very believable.

Glitter Baby  by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Heroine falls for an older guy, but she suffers a traumatizing event that sends her into seclusion for six years. After she leaves, the actor can’t write any decent work. He signs on to “write only” with her. However, the relationship can’t help but develop. It's a blast from the past since it was from the 80’s, but so well written that it works even today.

The Fireman Who Loved Me  by Jennifer Bernard
Grandma decides the heroine needs a REAL guy so she bids on a fireman. There is a bait and switch where the hero substitutes for the auctioned fireman. Heroine goes on that date, but she doesn’t treat him well (big reader disappointment). Whole side story that doesn’t need to be there. Grandmother has to set the house on fire to get the h/h together again. But, the steamy scenes are really good.

Dark Sins and Desert Sands  by Stephanie Draven
She’s a Sphinx. She has a tremendous power that can destroy. He’s been tortured and turned into a Minotaur. Hero needs the heroine to help him find who branded him as a traitor. Reader was surprised by how good the book was to read. Has meaty issues (betrayal, honor). Love scenes were HOT. Very impressed.

Lawe's Justice  by Lora Leigh
Crazy experimenting created the Breeds. Lawe is one of them, and his group is trying to find and protect others like him. Heroine is human, and he recognizes she’s his mate. He wants to own her, protect her (he’s part wolf). She doesn’t want to be owned. Bedroom scenes were really good. Loved how they fought. But other readers said read the first few books in the series to get the really juicy stuff.

Thief of Shadows  by Elizabeth Hoyt
Of the four books in the series,  reader felt this was the weakest one. When hero is around other adults, the stick goes up his back side. He has no people skills. Roles are reversed: heroine is sexually experienced, hero is still a virgin (!). Readers loved this part. Ends in a very satisfactory way.

American Vampire  by Jennifer Armintrout
Heroine is slutty. Hero is looking at how soon he can eat her (but he’ll kill her, so how will he hide the crime?). Both are flawed characters, but you can’t stop reading the book. Ending is soft, but writing is really good.

24 Essential Back to School Items

School is horrible, but if you have to go, here are 24 essential items to make you life easier and maybe even more fun.

Scissors - Anything for coloring - Highlighters - Binders - Unlimited supplies of funky pencils - Duct tape in cool colors = Backpack, no single strap bags allowed - Reusable water bottle so you don't kill the environment - Colorful pens - Post-it notes and tabs - Note cards = Locker shelf - A good book to look like you're reading something important - Funky outfits to intimidate your enemies -A hobby like knitting or making friendship bracelets - A Google translate app just in case - Cellphone & iPod - A cute purse or wallet - A good lanyard for your student ID - Flash drives - An awesome planner to stay organized A creative lunch box, bento, tin, or funky - A really good pencil sharpener

When Boredom Beckons...

So often, we complain about having nothing to do. Conversations with our friends usually go like this: “What do you wanna do?”, “I don’t know, what do you wanna do?” Well, here’s a bunch of answers to that question! We composed a list of the coolest places we know in and near Chicago. They’re all fun, safe, and totally available to you!

Cascade Drive In (Summer) 1100 E. North Avenue, West Chicago, IL 60185
Sit under the stars and watch 2 newly released movies for the price of one! Admission for ages 11 and up is $8.50, and the movies start as soon as it gets dark. Bring a blanket!

Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder (Year Round) 2121 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614
Test your appetite by trying one of the unique ½ or 1-lb Pizza Pot Pies; these mushroom look-alikes appear in a bowl and resemble upside-down pizzas. Right by Lincoln Park Zoo!

Chicago Lakeview Shopping (Year Round) 3200 block of Clark, near Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL
Eclectic boutiques, ethnic restaurants, and wild thrift stores line the streets for a truly off-the-beaten-path shopping. Ragstock (812 W. Belmont) caries ‘50s style clothing all the way to modern attire. The Alley (3228 N. Clark St) is full of punk and goth clothes as well as funky boots, snazzy jewelry, dresses, incense, and all sorts of knick-knacks. Don’t let the Belmont Army Surplus (855 W. Belmont) fool you: they carry very little actual army gear. Instead, the store is full of cool designs for the most adventurous trendsetter; here, you’ll find nothing you need but everything you want.

Chinatown (Year Round) Near intersection of Cermack Rd and Wentworth Ave
Stroll around the nation’s 2nd largest ethnic-Chinese neighborhood, stop at a restaurant to eat some authentic food, and admire the exquisite architecture. It’s a really cool place to take some pictures and get a little feel for the Far East. Parking is relatively easy on weekdays, but on weekends, consider taking the Red Line and getting off at Cermack/Chinatown, directly in front of the main gate.