Feburary Red Feather Reads

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Heroine is a runner for a Chimera shopkeeper who collects teeth (human and other). She doesn’t know why he trades for teeth but he does.  Trying to live a normal life as a student, but in a paranormal world things are never normal. Suddenly Seraphim are trying to destroy her master’s shop and she gets wrapped up in a war that she barely understands. No black or white characters, everyone has some elements of good, some of bad. Desperately waiting for the next book.

A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day
Angels who have fallen. Watchers who keep them in line. Reincarnation as punishment. Heroine doesn’t remember her past lives. Her father is looking for her, so he can turn her into a vampire. Very interesting bedroom scenes—think about wing anatomy on angels. Reader has a hard time explaining the world building, but she loved it! Already looking for second book in series.

Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl
Younger man/older woman. She’s teaching his class and ends up dating him. Her ex-husband tries to put a wrench in the works.

An Unexpected Gentleman  by Alissa Johnson
Hero compromises heroine in public for vengeance against her intended. That leaves her Untouchable.  Heroine becomes pragmatic about her circumstances, and protects her family through smart negotiating. It’s the relationship—conjugal relations 10 times a day?!—that has her panicking. Hero is totally clueless as to why she isn’t thrilled by his attitude. 

First Grave on the Right by Daryanda Jones
She’s the Grim Reaper, a living portal for the dearly departed. She runs a PI business because she can talk to the dead. The crazy sex dreams are a bit of a bother. The other entity (with powers kinda like hers) is responsible for the dreams and a whole lot more. The characters are funny, ridiculous, and one of the best reads ever. If you like this one, check out Grave Witch by Kalayna Price.

Locked and Loaded by Alexis Grant
Two readers were very disappointed by this book. She writes the internal dialog in 'too’s': too stilted, too detailed, too unnatural. And the action was not that good.

Baby it's Cold Outside by Addison Fox
Heroine tries to help her grieving friend who's stuck in Alaska. Of course when she gets there she meets the hero, town local and slightly embittered loner. Fun, light, cute, and cheerful read that sets you up for the next two books.

Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden
She’s a monster doctor. She senses auras and can tell when folks are NOT HUMAN. So she's not someone you want around you when you’re trying to hide it, especially for the hero. Great scene where she calls time out—it’s gone too far!  Hero calls her out on it: what exactly is “too far” when he touches her, when he’s touching skin, or when he’s about to merge skin cells or what?! It was fun, if a little disjointed.