When do you stop reading?

The Psychology of Abandonment: An Infographic from Goodreads.com

How many people can say they have an action figure modeled in their likeness? Nancy Pearl can. The librarian is famous for many things: the aforementioned action figure, her Book Lust series of literary recommendations, and her NPR book recommendation spot. She is also fond of telling people about her "rule of 50." Basically, if you don't like a book after 50 pages, stop reading. Her philosophy is there are too many books and not enough time to waste on something you don't like.

According to this infographic from goodreads.com, however, it seems that most people read more than 50 pages before calling it quits, at least among the people who took the survey on the social networking site. In fact, 38% of people say they always finish a book and over 25% read 50-100 pages.

Tell us about your reading habits. Do you always read an entire book even if you can't stand it? If you stop reading a book you don't like, when do you abandon it?

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