Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Woman walking alongside train tracks toward wooded area. Dust jacket has a sepia tone.As a fan of Ian McEwan’s novels, I have trained myself to read each of his books perched on the edge of my seat waiting for the one unexpected and truly gruesome event that comes out of nowhere and changes the lives of the characters forever.  His last few books have broken from this pattern and I find this break oddly alarming.  When you’ve come to expect a sudden horror, there’s a puzzling letdown of sorts when it doesn’t happen.

"My name is Serena Frome… and almost 40 years ago I was sent on a secret mission for the British security service." That mission we learn was code-named Sweet Tooth and its objective was to fund unsuspecting right-leaning authors.  Through a series of twists and turns we observe the transformation of Serena’s author Tom Haley’s writing life.  I found this to be McEwan’s most gimmicky novel but still hard to put down and generally satisfying.