Personal Record by Eleanor Friedberger

Personal Record by Eleanor Friedberger. Dark haired woman swimming away from camera.It's hard to not like a musician that hangs out at libraries (especially ones in Chicago).

This is Eleanor Friedberger's second solo effort. Friedberger was half of the brother-sister band, The Fiery Furnaces for the last decade. The siblings are originally from Oak Park, Illinois.

Personal Record is a playful album with some poppy tunes about everyday things like clipping coupons. Friedberger said she wanted the album to have an "easy breezy" feel to it. Friedberger takes inspiration from her heroes of 70s pop/rock and fans of that era will like this album. I listened to it three times before I decided I liked it. If you only listen to one other album from her career, listen to Blueberry Boat, but you'll want to hear more after that.

Find Personal Record at the library.