Peanut (graphic novel) by Ayun Halliday & Paul Hoppe

dust jacket of peanut. completely blue cover with a peanut in the center. title at bottom of image.“The hardest part about a peanut allergy is remembering to stay vigilant…especially if you don’t actually have one.”

It all starts with a lie. Sadie is the new girl at Plainfield Central High School and she’s determined to stand out from the hoards of other high schoolers crowding the halls—what better way than a deadly peanut allergy? So what if it’s all a lie? Sadie even orders a fake medical alert bracelet and an EpiPen. Surrounded by new friends and a budding romance, everything is going according to plan. But life gets complicated as Sadie spins a web of lies too difficult to manage. When your proximity to peanut butter can spell certain death, keeping up appearances becomes difficult!

The well-developed supporting characters were something that I loved. Sadie’s boyfriend, Zoo is an anachronistic electronic-phobic boy delivering hand written notes via bicycle. Sadie’s friends are not two-dimensional. Instead, they are slow to forgive and continually transform. The storyline is simple, but Sadie is a complex girl spinning lies with big consequences.                               

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Kathleen, Reference Services