Man of Steel Primer

Superman still from the film "Man of Steel"With the new Superman film only days away, and everyone excited to see which direction it takes the world’s first superhero, maybe it is a good time to check out a few of the comic book story arcs which were reportedly influential to the direction of the new version of the Man of Steel.
In 1986, John Byrne rewrote the Superman origin story, re-introducing elements such as the destruction of Krypton, Clark Kent discovering his alien heritage, and the Daily Planet newsroom, all of which have become well-known staples of the Superman mythology.
John Byrne continued to refine the Superman origin story, further developing the planet Krypton and revealing that genetic engineering may have been somehow responsible for Superman's abilities. Man of Steel director Zach Snyder has publicly credited this story arc as an influence on his film.
Geoff Johns examines Clark Kent's mixed emotions and torn allegiances between his human adopted parents and his Kryponian birth parents, showing us how these duel influences led him to become Superman. Man of Steel writer David Goyer wrote the introduction to this volume while working on his script.
Mark Waid tells the origin story again, this time updating it for the 21st century and adding new details such as Clark Kent as a globe traveler trying to "find himself" and Lois Lane as an investigator following reports of a super-powered "good Samaritan" which reportedly figure prominently in the new film.
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