Arrested Development

We're super excited about the return of Arrested Development on Netflix this weekend. Prepare for the new episodes with this list of appropriate selections that you can check out from the Eisenhower Library.

Arrested Development
All three original seasons on DVD.

Breakfast: 200 Recipes to Start the Day by Brian Wilton
What do we always say is the most important thing?

Banana! by Ed Vere
How much could a banana cost? Ten dollars?

How to Break out of Prison by John Wareham
Is there a private bathroom nearby?

Scary Creatures of the Wetlands by Penny Clarke
They're stupid and wet, and there are bugs everywhere.

All the Secrets of Magic Revealed by Herbert L. Becker
You're out of the Magician's Alliance.

You’re a crook Captain Hook.

The Blue Man Group
Want a blue man for less green?

The Final Countdown
Oh come on!

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Why? So you can fly away from your feelings?