Affliction: An Anita Blake Novel by Laurell K. Hamilton

Woman's face obscured by blue fragments of paper. “Real ghosts are so much easier to deal with than the kind we carry around in our heads. Most people haunt themselves more effectively than any spirit.”

Laurell K. Hamilton is not unfamiliar when it comes to writing about vampires. This is the 22nd novel in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. The story continues with Anita receiving a call from Micah’s mother asking her to bring him home because his father is dying. Micah, years ago, deliberately turned his back on his own family to protect them against a sadistic killer. Micah rushes back home with Anita to spend time with his dying father, who is rotting inside from a strange infection that is whispered to be the “zombie disease”. While Micah visits his father, Anita, who makes her living raising zombies, must face an army of destructive “zombies” who feast on the living in gruesome ways.

I have read every Anita Blake book that has been published. In the last few novels, the focus has pulled away from Anita fighting paranormal creatures and more about her sex life with her men. However in this recent novel, fighting paranormal creatures became the main focus. Micah, who was introduced eleven books ago, remained a mystery to readers until in Affliction which gives us a glimpse of his world. I found myself once again engrossed with old characters and introduced to some new ones.

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